Things to consider when purchasing your fence.

First thing you should ask your fence companies is do they have insurance and ask for a copy. If they dig through a gas line and blow up your house and they don't have insurance you might be in trouble. Ask the how they set their posts. Do they use 10 pounds of concrete per a whole or 80 like we do. I see a lot of fence companies saying that they are members of the American Fence Association. All this means is they paid a $500.00 membership fee to be able to use the AFA logo in their ad. Nothing more. And usually only the owners or the managers are the ones that have been through the fence school. Basically if they say they are a member of the AFA it just means you are going to pay more for your fence!! You can check the website out for yourself. Our work and our customer references speak for themselves. We offer the same fence and materials as the big companies with a better warranty at a cheaper price. And make sure they warranty their gates for the same amount of time as the rest of the fence. That's usually where most problems occur.



Why did my job get postponed?


During fence season, as we call it, every customer needs their fence yesterday.  So we may have 40 jobs all ready to be installed and everyone of those customers wants an install date.  We try to do the best we can.  But scheduling for a month in advance is hard.  The weather is a huge problem that delays our jobs.  Also, we never know what the digging will be like.  If digging is easy then we can dig an entire job in a few hours. Some of the worst digging can take 1-2 days.  So a 2 day job can easliy turn into a 4 or 5 day job.  Which then pushes other customers  further down the line.


Do you remove all the leftover dirt from the holes that are dug?


No.  As you will find, most companies do not remove the dirt from your yard or move it to another location without a fee.  Most will leave it for you to remove yourself or scatter it along the fence.  Over time it blends in.  If you have sod we recommend paying the extra fee for us to haul way.  Prices range from $1.00-$3.00 a foot for dirt removal.

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