K and M Fence offers hundreds of styles of residential, commercial, and industrial chain link fences.  Typical colors are galvanized, black, green, and brown.  Other colors are available but must be custom ordered.  All of our residential chain link fences are set in concrete.  A lot of companies will drive the posts which isn't as strong.  But we can drive them if that is what you prefer.  We've installed chain link fences that are as short as 3 feet tall and ones that are as tall as almost 40 feet inside warehouses. We offer residential grade to keep your pets and children in your yard.  We also have security fences with barbed wire or razor wire.  We can custom make any size gate.  We also offer temporary fences.  We can install temporary fence panels with metal stands and sandbags or we can drive posts into the ground for a more secure temporary fence.

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