Yes, we like the customer to be home at the very start of work so that they can approve the location of the fence and answer any important questions about how the customer wants the look of the fence to be. And crews should be given access to water for mixing concrete and electricity for our equipment.  Usually just saws or charging drills is all we use that for.

Yes.  Installing a fence is a major construction project.  Heavy equipment must be brought out to dig the holes.  This can leave small ruts from our small 8 horsepower digger.  You will have around a 5 gallon bucket of dirt for each hole dug at the property.  Included in basic cost we will scatter the dirt along the fence line, or leave it in piles around the posts.  It costs extra money to move the dirt anywhere on your property or to haul it away. It is very time consuming.  You yard may require grass seed when it is finished.  We can also put down seed for an extra cost.  No company figures these into their prices.  And if they do, then their prices will be higher than ours.  Dirt removal costs vary with the size of the holes and the number of holes being dug.

These situations can vary.  We call 811 prior to starting a job to have all PUBLIC lines marked.  They DON”T mark private lines.  If we dig within 2′ of a marked, public utility it is our fault.  If a line is marked and we are more than 2′ away, the marking company is responsible.  If it was never marked and we have our dig ticket number from when we called in the locates, it is the marking co. responsibility.  If it is a private line(electricity to a barn/pool, sprinkler, gas, water, ect.) K and M Fence is not responsible for damages.  We can’t see under the ground to know what is there.

Sometimes, but highly unlikely.  We try and give everyone date after they sign and pay the deposit.  It’s more of a guess to get you close.  There are so many factors we deal with that delay our schedule.  If 811 messes up and didn’t mark your yard properly or at all, we can’t dig.  Weather is obviously a huge factor for us.  Material shortages or shipping delays.  The ground we dig can also put us behind.  Sometimes we run into large rocks, concrete, large roots, we have even had old metal car parts.  Bad digging can double or trip the job completion times, which then puts other customers further back on the schedule. If the customer on the schedule before you adds on to their job, it can delay your install.

Checks, cashiers checks, cash, credit/debit cards have a 3% fee added onto contract price. You can mail your checks, pay in person, or mail, fax, or email over the contract with the card information.

Yes.  All wood fences are going to warp, crack, twist, splinter, bow, ect.  That is just the nature of a wood fence.  We will not cover any of that under warranty.