If you need a custom fence that is not listed above, one of our experienced K & M fence installers can help.

  • We can have most fences under 250 linear feet installed in 2 days
  • Most residential chain link fences can be installed in one day
  • And yes, we install year-round! Our residential augers can dig through the top layer of frozen terrain. And our residential augers are small enough machines weighing less than 200 pounds so they won’t tear up your yard.
  • Galvanized, brown, green, and black vinyl chain link

  • Wood privacy fence

  • Wood spaced picket fence

  • PVC or vinyl

  • Ornamental aluminum fence

  • Ornamental steel fence

  • Farm fence

  • Dumpster enclosures

  • Sliding gates

  • Barbed wire

  • Razor wire

  • Baseball diamonds and backstops

  • Prison fences

  • Flanged Fences

  • Indoor Fences

  • Pool fences and more!!

  • Vinyl chain link fences are also available for special order in other colors.

  • Cantilever Gates


We offer repairs on almost any type of fence.  Our minimum repair charge is $250. If its close by our shop it could be a little cheaper.