Prices in the fence industry change on a weekly basis. So it is impossible for me to give you a price per a foot or anything like that. I can get you a quote in 1 to 2 business days. Our estimates are free of charge. The reason we can keep our prices so low is because we don’t have any overhead. We don’t have 15 people in the office, ect. If someone offers you a lower price than we do, then CALL US BACK! They may be using a cheaper quality product from the local hardware store. We are quoting you prices using the highest quality products from an actual fence supplier. So if you want the cheaper product let us know and we can probably beat the price. And with our 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all new fences, you won’t find a better bargain. I have seen people on craigslist offering out lifetime warranties. But in a year when these people aren’t building fences on the side anymore and they have changed their phone number you will be stuck with a bad fence. We will try and meet or beat anybody’s prices.

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